Spring Yourself Into Cleaning

Oh, how we love the early Spring in Utah! The longer days, the birds chirping, the snowmelt creating such a spectacle of the rivers and creeks. With the brighter days comes a feeling of renewal- and with that the excitement of spring cleaning! I know, I know- Who actually enjoys cleaning?! Well, call me crazy but it is one of the most exciting things to do in my home… along with painting the walls, but I digress.

How can you make Spring cleaning fun? We have provided a few tips to help make the event a more enjoyable one:


The first thing that ushers in the Spring cleaning mode is to process the items in my home to see what is still serving its purpose as the warm weather approaches. I use the 3 bin system so my items have a designated home: in storage, to donate, and to the trash. This makes the process so much easier and I am able to go through my items quickly and without decision fatigue. I then take the designated bins to their home. My storage unit houses all of my seasonal items, along with items my kids have outgrown and that I would like to save for the next child… or generation.

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
-William Morris


Music always helps put me in the state of mind that is needed to accomplish a task. Come April 1st, I put on my favorite country music playlist where I sing and line dance my way around the project at hand. Now, if country music isn’t your thing, then I forgive you. But there are plenty of other playlists that you can search or create yourself to help set the mood and to let loose while you work.


A great way to help pass the time is to have some company with you. Now, that can even include conversing over the phone. You can throw on some headphones and have your best friend from Virginia or your Grandma in Florida help entertain you as you sort through those clothes you’ve held onto since highschool.


Instead of just cleaning the same things you have been for months, you can even add some extra flair to your spring cleaning by rearranging the space. Truly, it is amazing how moving your bed to a different wall or facing the couch to see the window can rejuvenate your spirit and get you excited about your home again. If you have a few extra dollars laying around, you can even stop by a storage auction or check your local market place to find those special items that help cultivate the style of your home.

Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”
-Billy Baldwin


Just when you don’t feel like you can keep going, you can mix things up a bit to create a task into a game. You can set a timer and race your partner to see who can finish the most tasks on the deep cleaning list before time runs out. Have your children race to see who can fill a storage bin with toys first. Why, you could even create a game for just yourself that deserves a reward at the end.


Now, when the smallest or biggest project is complete you can have a reward for the person who finished it. This could be a small treat like a piece of candy, putting your feet up for an hour to catch up on your favorite show, or not cooking dinner that night… because who wants to wash dishes after decluttering?
This could also be a larger reward for the larger project. Date night, an evening to yourself reading a new book, or if you are REALLY deserving a few new clothing items you’ve been eyeing.

Now, by using just a few of these ideas you can really change your headspace around Spring cleaning and the tasks ahead. Now turn up the music, get your favorite treat, grab those storage boxes, and don’t forget to put your grandma on speed dial while you reset your space for the new season!

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